Mothering: Why Mimosas Exist

Mothering: Why Mimosas Exist

[Editor's Note: What does your real mothering life look like? Is it as you pictured it? Is it magazine quality? Or is it like mine? Kinda messy and nothing like I imagined. Ashley at I Love You More Than Carrots shares her reality and how it differs from what she thought mothering would be like -- and she does it with some humor. I bet you'll like it -- and relate! -Jenna]

You Learned WHAT From Your Kids?:

Mimosa morning montage Real life, at least our real life, looks nothing like the pages of a magazine or the set of that hilariously funny romantic comedy about those two stylish parents with a brand new baby.

My boys have taught me that the best laid plans will always go awry and on the days when there are plans made and it's absolutely necessary the baby nap, he won't but on the days where you have absolutely no where to be? He will sleep for three hours if you let him.

I've learned that it's OK to have a glass of wine at 2pm in the afternoon and what's better, there is a reason that champagne mixes so well with orange juice. It's called Mothering.


Photo Credit: quinnanya.

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