Would You Take Anti-Depressants While Pregnant?

Would You Take Anti-Depressants While Pregnant?

Depression and anxiety during pregnancy leave moms with hard choices. First, we're warned that stress during pregnancy is bad for our babies. Then we're told that medication is bad for our babies. What's a mom to do? Alicia at Born Ready Baby shared her struggle, her choice and opens a discussion about how other moms might approach this difficult choice.

She shares part of her struggle:

Drugs Double DoseFor some expectant moms, the struggle about whether to use a SSRI or not causes a serious internal debate. I know this because it was my struggle. My pregnancy was planned. The surprise was how quickly I morphed into a mental wreck. I was terrified about how life would change. I’d never even changed a diaper before! I held the Guinness world record for giving away every pet I ever owned because I couldn’t be bothered with the responsibility. Patience was not in my DNA. I coped with stress, celebration, despair, and delight by indulging in two dirty martinis and four Stoli raspberry vodkas – regardless of how many times this decision did me wrong.

So there I was, stuck somewhere between a rocking chair and a hard baby bump – and quite possibly, a guest appearance on Dr. Phil as the reckless parent, berated by her justifiably indignant child. I could literally hear the audiences slow groans of BOOO as I sat there, sobbing regretfully.

For weeks on end I incessantly chanted a silent prayer:

Please oh please – let me do right by this baby.


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