Would You Call Her Son the R-Word?

Would You Call Her Son the R-Word?

[Editor's Note: Today is Spread the Word to End the Word Day. What word? Retard. I cringe even writing it, because the way people use it so demeaning, so cruel. Ellen at Love That Max made a video that asks you an important question: Would you call her son a retard? Watch the video, sign the petition and then spread the word. -Jenna]

Would You Call My Child a Retard?:

Today is Spread The Word To End The Word Day, part of an ongoing campaign against the r-word created by The Special Olympics. As I write this, close to 250,000 people have signed a pledge against the word "retard." A kajillion more don't get what's so wrong. And so, I made this video.

Spread the word

Read more from Would You Call My Child a Retard? at Love That Max

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