Why I Should Never Clean

Why I Should Never Clean

In this hilarious post, a woman aptly justifies why she should never be allowed to dust, scrub or even wipe away her family's relentless clutter and filth:

"One of the main reasons I shouldn’t clean is because somewhere in the middle of my cleaning I will inevitably get obsessed with the idea of cleaning whatever machine it is that I’m using (meta-cleaning, if you will). That’s actually how I kind of broke my dish washer, but it’s fixed now so I’m not gonna dwell on the gallon of water that ended up on the floor that time. Where was I? Oh yes. The cleaning of cleaning machines. It’s a thing that I have. I guess deep down I feel like something can’t possibly be cleaning very well if it isn’t clean."


No Cleaning


Image credit: solarnu via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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