Are We Seriously Still Holding a Grudge Against Angelina Jolie?

Are We Seriously Still Holding a Grudge Against Angelina Jolie?

[Editor's Note: I totally still hold a grudge against Angelina Jolie. Y'know...for the whole Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston split thing. Even though I don't know any of those involved personally, or understand exactly what happened there. Even though it never really occurs to me that that's why I don't like Angelina Jolie, it totally is. But Mama Kat is a wise woman, and her words moved me (or at least made me feel a little bit ashamed of myself, not that I'm ordering my "Team Brangelina" T-Shirt any time soon). Behold... --Morgan]

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I was un-liked on Facebook by someone quite awhile ago because of a comment I made about my love for Angelina Jolie.

Gasp as you might, but I do quite enjoy her. I enjoy her checkered past. I enjoy her interesting relationship with her brother. I enjoy the vial of blood she used to wear around her neck. I enjoy her leg discretely posed through any slit in her dress. And believe it or not, I enjoy her acting.

This person on Facebook was all, “HOW DARE YOU ENJOY HER!?! SHE’S A HOME WRECKER!!”

And the comment really caught me off guard.

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