When Becoming Your Mother Isn't a Bad Thing

When Becoming Your Mother Isn't a Bad Thing

You know that one time when you said that one thing and you thought, "Oh no. I've become my mother." We make jokes. We cringe. But for some, that process -- becoming your mother -- is a dream. Crystal at A Bunch of Britts shared how she'll become a mom in the next two months and what that really means to her.

She remembers:

MomI’ve always wanted to be my mother. I can remember as a child feeling immense disappointment when I knew I had disappointed her, and I can remember the tremendous pride I felt that she was my mom. She was the young mom, the mom I always wanted to show off to my friends. I can remember how excited I’d get when the stars would align and she would be able to take off work to go on a field trip with me. Unadulterated time with my mom was always the best treasure I could ever stumble upon.


Photo Credit: quinnanya.

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