What To Do When a Good Furby Goes Bad

What To Do When a Good Furby Goes Bad

Editor's Note: I almost -- THISCLOSE -- caved to the Furby craze this year and purchased one for my sons. After reading this hilarious (but OMGSCARY!) post by Christina at A Mommy Story, I am glad I didn't -- and am emailing all family members to warn them against purchasing one for my sons. I don't need scary toys! -Jenna

What Happens When Your Furby Becomes Evil:

Mira's Furby was suddenly possessed by a new personality who was mean. It growled at her, it snapped at her with an angry voice if she tried to pet it, and it made retching noises when she tried to feed it, as if the iPad foods weren't good enough for it. Occasionally it showed little flames in its eyes.

WTF happened? Did we feed it after midnight?

It was now a Furby demon. And Mira was scared of it. She backed away with tears in her eyes, saying she wanted her nice Furby back, and she didn't want to play with it anymore. I felt like I had brought home Chucky from Child's Play to my daughter.

Furby Looks Nice...
Credit: whatleydude.

Read on... if you dare...

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