How Blogging Affects the Behaviour of My Family and Friends

How Blogging Affects the Behaviour of My Family and Friends

Editor's Note: DeBie Hive has learned there are a lot of hidden benefits and drawbacks to blogging, many of which change the behaviour of the people around her. Some of it is for the best, such as her son who modifies what he's doing in order to not have this actions hit the screen.  Other times, it makes things a little awkward, such as when people start acting differently once they find out that she blogs. --Mel

My father in law knows that I'm going to write about the crazy things he does.  Instead of trying to suppress what he says or does in an attempt to keep it off the internet, he runs home and checks the blog to see if the story is up yet.

Have people ever changed the way they act around you once they found out that you blog?


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