Slow Down, Mom

Slow Down, Mom

[Editor's Note: Are you rushing along this holiday season, asking your kids to "keep up" or "catch up" to your quickly moving pace? Slow down today and read this post by Jessica F Hinton. There's some good perspective, some thoughts on motherhood and slowing down. -Jenna]

Walk Slowly in Motherhood:

Autumn walk 02I think with one, I could more easily trick myself into believing that I could set the pace of our lives, that I could still be this semi-massive orbit and my children would drift along by virtue of gravitational pull. I could be center and still be a mother.

But now with two, it feels easier because I’ve settled into the idea that while I am central in their lives, I can’t be the center all the time. My pull is shaped by the also powerful and unique pulls of my children. We pull each other in directions and find our centers together in order to make this work.


Photo Credit: tillwe.

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