My Fertility Meds in Pictures

My Fertility Meds in Pictures

Editor's Note: Keiko is undergoing fertility treatments. In this post at The Infertility Voice, she shares the contents of the first box of fertility treatments and her response. -- AVF

So, both my donor and I received our meds in the mail yesterday. Inspired by the unboxing video meme, I wanted to create a little unboxing slideshow of my own. I won't lie -- I felt a bit like a kid on Hanukkah opening up this box last night.

Photo by Keiko.

Hey, remember how I mentioned I am TERRIFIED OF NEEDLES? Yeah, opening all of this last night just reaffirmed that times a hundred. Even handling them made me light-headed. Shortly after opening everything up, I promptly took the box upstairs to the bedroom (so my cats wouldn't eat it, because our cats totally just eat boxes), came downstairs ... and burst into tears.

Larry, being the awesome husband that he is, immediately swooped me up in a big hug. I blame hormones, my fear of needles, and the very present realization that holy balls -- this is really happening for the sudden waterworks moment.

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