The Day Shopping with My Son Changed

The Day Shopping with My Son Changed

Editor's Note: Shopping with kids can be trying. At best. Can I get an amen? Carmen at Mom to the Screaming Masses recounts what life was like shopping with a baby and then contrasts it to a recent shopping trip with her son. Things sure are different for her now, that's for certain. I read her words and long for crying babies in carts. Oh, they grow so quickly. -Jenna

A Trip to the Mall with My Son:

Well, yesterday was a much different story.

We took the rail system down, snap chatting with his girlfriend, reading Twitter and Facebook on our respective phones. We walked from the stop to the mall, and he held the door for me. We talked about various, random, and mundane things – politics, grocery shopping, welfare reform, handguns, and soap. None of it really meant anything, but I realized that I was speaking with another adult, albeit a young one. We went to The Body Shop where I bought eye makeup remover. We went to Bath and Body Works, where we bought soap for the kitchen. We stopped in at Lush and sampled products. We went to Harry and David, where we sampled and purchased some of the most delicious coffee I've ever had. We split a sub in the food court, and laughed over the times that I brought him there to play on the play equipment when it was too cold to go outside. We commented on shoes on display, we stopped at the Apple store to look at the new iPhone – in short, it was a very lovely trip.

And we stopped at one more place. We went to the jewelry store, to look for a ring for his girlfriend.

Ring Shopping
Credit: nevalenx.

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