Breast Milk Storage Tips to Save You Tons of Space

Breast Milk Storage Tips to Save You Tons of Space

Editor's Note: I'm not going to lie. I wish I had read this post by Grace at What If No One's Watching before I started breastfeeding, pumping and storing milk. I made all of the same mistakes she dictates in her post, but never found a storage solution that didn't take up a ton of room in our freezers. If you're looking for a breast milk storage solution, you absolutely have to read her post! -Jenna

Things to Make a New Mom's Life Easier: Breast Milk Storage:

While at least two dozen people have given me positioning and latch advice, I don't think anybody every told me how to store breast milk. At least, not until I had been doing it wrong for a while. And so, in the interest of hopefully helping someone out there who is similarly ignorant, I'm going to tell you a couple of things about breast milk storage.

(Please note that this advice all assumes you have adequate supply to stockpile milk.)

The big thing is this: frozen milk takes up a lot of space.

Breastmilk Storage, LIKE THIS!
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Read more from Things to make a new mom's life easier: breast milk storage at What If No One's Watching?

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