There Is No Fiscal Cliff

There Is No Fiscal Cliff

[Editor's Note: Are you tired of hearing the term "fiscal cliff"? Or are you unsure what it even is, except that is sounds really scary? Well, Joanne Bamberger says there is no such thing as a fiscal cliff, just a series of Bush-era tax cuts that will soon expire. What she thinks is more dangerous is the rhetoric used by conservatives to scare people into thinking the country will implode if spending on government services isn't cut drastically. Check out what she writes at The Broad Side. --Grace]

How each side chooses terminology to discuss issues is important, though, in how the game is plated on Capitol Hill. The conservative right is particularly good at labeling and branding. For some reason, Republicans are much better than the Democrats at creating craftily worded catch-phrases that sort of describe what an issue is, but actually distort what the discussion is about. When talking heads and politicians say “fiscal cliff,” they want you to think it means that our country will go broke, plunging us into a bigger economic mess than the one we’re been struggling to climb out of since 2008.

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Read more from Guess What? There Is No Fiscal Cliff at The Broad Side

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