How a Mom's Heart Was Broken by an Email that Never Came

How a Mom's Heart Was Broken by an Email that Never Came

[Editor's Note: Did you receive those weekly updates when you were expecting your child? You know the ones: They tell you how big the baby is and what grew that week and what to expect. Perhaps you continued getting those emails after your baby arrived. Monique at Razing Mayhem did, and was recently heartbroken when those emails stopped. It's a post that might make you want to hug her -- and your own too-quickly-growing children. -Jenna]

Then BabyCenter Broke My Heart:

When she was born on December 31st, the first thing I did when I returned home was ensured that the next phase of newsletters would be accurate, and I've had them sent weekly to my email ever since.

Yesterday, that Bean turned 9 years old, and as I do every year, I anticipated the arrival of the email from BabyCenter that announced her new age.

It never came.

I read the email from last week that I had skipped over in a rush and there it was, the reason why: I'd reached the end of their age by age articles. No more emails, no more newsletters, the end.

And boy howdy did I lose it. I bawled my eyes right out of their sockets!

Inbox Zero
Credit: sirexkat.

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