Swiss Chard & Bacon Hand Pies

Swiss Chard & Bacon Hand Pies

{Editor's Note: Trying to sneak in an abundance of leafy greens? Here's one way to turn them into a delicious, portable lunch, dinner, or snack that's packed with chard but flavored, deliciously, with bacon. It proves the rule that good things come in small packages. --Genie]

Swiss Chard & Bacon Turnovers

You could easily bake this chard and bacon recipe into one large pie, but the individual hand pies are really fun and make a great grab and go snack, appetizer, or breakfast. Plus, for anyone out there who struggles to get family members to eat greens, the cutesy format doesn’t hurt (nor does the bacon). If you want to make these vegetarian, I suggest omitting the bacon and adding Parmesan or gruyere cheese instead.

Swiss Chard & Bacon Hand Pies

Image Credit: Daily Unadventures in Cooking, used by permission.

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