Babies Are Not Equations -- and Other Truths

Babies Are Not Equations -- and Other Truths

Editor's Note: I read all of the baby books. I read all of the websites. I was so ready to parent the heck out of my baby boy when he arrived. Until he did, and I realized that I knew absolutely nothing, that all of the reading was for naught. Anandi, another smart mama at House of Peanut, realized the same thing after her baby was born. What about you? -Jenna

Six Things They Don't Tell You About Babies:

2. A baby is not a function box

When I was learning middle school math, our book had a photo of a "function box" to get us to understand inputs and outputs of algebraic functions.

I imagined a new baby would be like this function box and it was my job to figure out the right input to get the desired output. Baby crying? Maybe it's a messy diaper. Deliver clean diaper, then baby should stop crying right? HAHAHA. Not really.

Babies are not math
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