When Siblings Ruin Christmas

When Siblings Ruin Christmas

[Editor's Note: Oh, siblings. Do you have a holiday related story that involves your sibling ruining your day? Dashing your hopes and dreams? Generally being a nitwit? You don't? Chances are your sibling has a story like that about you then. (My brother does. Sorry, bro.) Robyn at Hollow Tree Adventures has a story about her brother. I laughed, but only because I had a homemade one too. -Jenna]

Siblings Were Invented to Ruin Christmas:

Pick meAnd as it is with all children, that spark of hope gradually grew. By Christmas morning, anticipation virtually crackled in the air, like the snap of electricity escaping the loose end of a downed power line. I timidly approached the tree, pushed up the sleeves of my pajamas, opened my first gift and... it was... wait for it... my very own CPK doll!

I was beside myself with joy!

But, as you readers with siblings could've probably guessed, my happiness didn't last long. It was about thirty seconds before my brother made the infamous announcement.

"It isn't a real one, you know. Mom made it."


Photo Credit: dq090702.

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