Should You Be Pressured to Donate at the Holidays?

Should You Be Pressured to Donate at the Holidays?

I remember being shocked at my first job (for which I made $18,000 a year) when I was told to donate to the charity my advertising agency had picked during the holidays. By people who made four or five times what I made. Did they forget what it's like to have your entire first two weeks' pay go to rent?

Erika of Newlyweds on a Budget is in that space now, and I totally get where she's coming from. And no, Erika, you're not a Grinch. She writes:

One of the office complaints was that not many people had donated to our charity. Well, helllloooo, don’t you think that’s a sign that people don’t want to feel pressured to donate just because we HAVE to? Does that not defeat the whole purpose? It should be a CHOICE.


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