Sex After Baby: Do You Set a Minimum Amount?

Sex After Baby: Do You Set a Minimum Amount?

[Editor's Note: Let's talk about sex after babies -- because it's an important topic for moms and couples. Getting on the same wavelength regarding expectations and energy can be difficult. I think the approach that Mother of Ambition took is interesting. Do you have a minimum number of times a week? -Jenna]

Sex After Having Babies:

 Sunset DipEmmaline was a really bad sleeper (still is sometimes, with a 5:30am wake-up call almost every day) and we were both very tired for the first few months of parenthood. As soon as we got the okay from my OB, we attempted to have regular sex but it was very challenging until our daughter started sleeping better and I started managing my time better during the day which made me feel better overall. We started exercising together when Emma was 6 months old and that flipped a switch in both of us, I think, to rekindle that very important fire.

It was then that we decided on a required minimum number of times per week that we would have sex.


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