Popular Posts You Wish You Started

Popular Posts You Wish You Started

[Editor's Note: While Elf on the Shelf doesn't officially make the list, The Mom of the Year's rundown of overdone posts cracked me up. While some are recent additions to the blogosphere (50 Shades of Grey posts, for instance), some have been around since the beginning of blogging, such as the ever-popular love letter to the lady at the grocery store. --Mel]

There are so many topics out there that I wish I would have been creative enough to have been one of the first to blog about, but I just totally missed the boat. You fellows blogger know exactly what I’m talking about. Now I would so love do a post on some of these wonderful ideas, but by now they have been clearly covered and I would just look incredibly lame. Also, since I’m just not that witty, I wouldn’t have any cool additions to the conversation at this point.

What popular blog post ideas do you wish you had kicked off (vs. followed up with a 90th version of the same topic)

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