Just Watch a School Pick-Up to Receive Warm Fuzzies

Just Watch a School Pick-Up to Receive Warm Fuzzies

Editor's Note: Do you ever stop and think about the hate and general yuck in the world? Do you ever find yourself humming, "What the world needs now..." and think, "Well, yeah, that's true." Then give yourself a warm and fuzzy moment and watch the open arm hugs at school pick-up -- without being cynical. Ashley at Little Miss Momma did and, man, I feel all kinds of love just reading it! (So hug YOUR kiddo today.) -Jenna

Open Arms at the Pick-Up Curb:

I look at these other Moms and I beam.

Because I know exactly what they are feeling in that moment.

I recognize the beautiful exchange of love that is taking place during that 30 second embrace every day after school.

When I see a Mom give an extra squeeze and brush her son’s hair out of his eyes, I know she’s really saying: I’m so proud of you. I would give up everything for you. You can change the world. I’m so happy you’re mine.

Warm Fuzzy Feeling
Credit: theogeo.

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