When Our Kids Teach Us a Thing or Two

When Our Kids Teach Us a Thing or Two

Editor's Note: What do your kids teach you about interacting with other people? I know that when my oldest son was being picked on at school, I wanted to pick on that six-year-old myself! Instead, he handled it with grace... and some tears. But grace. Lindsey of Dishwater Dreams recently went through something similar with her son, who happens to be totally awesome. Lindsey learned a thing or two about dealing with not-so-nice people. I think you might, too. -Jenna

That One Where My Kid Teaches Me How to Deal with Difficult People:

So I told him to tell his teachers. Which didn't work. Instead, he started noticing other kids that were getting picked on.

And stood up for them.

He got picked on worse.

But his attitude won him the Character Award for respect at school.

Character Award
Photo courtesy the author.

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