New Year's Resolution: Back Up Your Blog's Template

New Year's Resolution: Back Up Your Blog's Template

[Editor's Note: Kicking off this new year, our advice is the same as The 3 R's Blog: Back up your blog template. This is a very different step (most of the time) than backing up your blog. But if you like the way your blog looks, it's imperative that you do this before adding on new plug-ins or widgets or tweaking that one piece of code. Learn from The 3 R's mistake so you don't need to do late-night blog surgery. --Mel]

"Backing up your blog" doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as "backing up your template." Your template may live in a separate file. Your blog platform should have utilities to export both blog and template files to your hard drive for backup/storage purposes--use them. Frequently.

A great piece of advice as you head into this new year, tweaking and playing with your blog. And while you're backing up the template, make sure you also make a practice of backing up your content.


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