Toddler Fight Club: Motherhood Is a Contact Sport

Toddler Fight Club: Motherhood Is a Contact Sport

[Editor's Note: Black eyes. Bruises. Scratches. Bite marks. Hair pulled out. And most of it accidental. That all happened to me when the boys were toddlers. Now they mostly step on my toes... just about every single day. Tricia at Stream of the Conscious humorously points out that motherhood is a full contact sport. So why don't they hand out helmets in the delivery room? -Jenna]

Motherhood Is a Contact Sport:

HandIt’s a little talked about concept – motherhood is a contact sport. Not unlike like Fight Club.

(And I’m not even talking about having your body literally sliced open as your insides are set aside as the tiny parasites are removed and shuttled down the hall, breaking your heart in the process.)

I am going to break from protocol here. And break from the first rule of Fight Club (Let’s keep this just between us, okay? But that’s totally what it is.)


Photo Credit: mnsc.

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