Do You Have the Mother Rage?

Do You Have the Mother Rage?

Do you ever find yourself yelling for no particular reason? Angry that you're awake -- AGAIN? Maybe you have the Mother Rage, as Meredith at La Buena Vida writes about. I know I've felt it!

[Editor's Note: Do you ever find yourself yelling for no particular reason? Angry that you're awake -- AGAIN? Maybe you have the Mother Rage, as Meredith at La Buena Vida writes about. I know I've felt it! -Jenna]

The Mother Rage:

Angry SkyI'm a pretty mild mannered person, who very rarely (if ever) is just looking for a fight. It takes a lot to get me riled up.

At least, until I became a mom. After which, I became semi-regularly afflicted with something that I like to call "The Mother Rage."

The Mother Rage is something that I wake up with....or in the case of having a newborn, it's something that begins brewing at about 3am. It's Justin going to the store to get beer last night and forgetting my Cherry Coke. It's Lizzy crawling into bed with me at 6am, just as I've finally gotten the baby to sleep. It's the dishes from last night's dinner still sitting on the counter. It's the fact that it is inevitable that as soon as I've prepared a plate of food, the baby suddenly wants to eat again (even if she last ate literally five minutes ago). It's Lizzy dumping out every single one of her markers on the floor any time she wants to color, or her turning on the music on Becca's bouncer and waking her up, even though she has literally been told at least 25 times today NOT TO TURN ON THE MUSIC WHEN THE BABY IS SLEEPING, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.


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