The Struggle to Teach Kids It's About More than Gifts

The Struggle to Teach Kids It's About More than Gifts

[Editor's Note: If you're struggling to teach your kids that the upcoming holiday season is about more than getting gifts, you're not alone. Scooper at a la mode writes about her internal struggle and how she wants to get this one right. Do you have anything to add to this important conversation? -Jenna]

For the Mom Who's Trying to Get Her Kids and Her Holidays Just Right:

ChristmasShe started the list a week ago. Her delicate fingers gripped the brightly-colored pigma pens as she scrawled out her heart's desires on the lined pages of a polka-dotted notebook. Mommy, do you want to know what I have on my Christmas list so far?

This mama's inner response was one of frustration and slight panic. Why is she only thinking of what she wants? My children are becoming products of American consumerism run amuck! How am I going to fix this?

I'm not sure what I said at first but within a few sentences I was waxing poetically about how we need to also be thinking about ways we can give and not just focus on what we want to receive.


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