Lost to Motherhood

Lost to Motherhood

[Editor's Note: Do you ever feel lost in motherhood? Like you don't know yourself anymore? How do you find yourself again? BadAssMama is struggling with that problem and needs some advice. How do you find yourself again, moms? -Jenna]

Mama's Lost Her Mojo:

Ursula Malbin sculpture garden in Haifa 19.jpgLike any good twelve-stepper will tell you, admitting the problem is half the battle. So, here goes: My name is The BadAssMama and I've lost my mojo. I would like to get it back, but I don't know where to start. I'm busy and tired...all the time. I've forgotten the things that used to make me happy and I fear that I'm beginning to lose my identity apart from my kids.

That's right. The mother in me has swallowed the rest of me.


Photo Credit: gpaumier.

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