Make a Paper Portrait of Your Pad

Make a Paper Portrait of Your Pad

[Editor's Note: I collect crafty portraits of my family. The wall in my hallway displays a cartoon of my husband, pencil sketches of my kids and small doll versions of my pets. A dimensional paper portrait of my house seems like the perfect addition to my collection. Jessica from Décor Adventures shares how she revamped a thrift store canvas to make a unique paper sculpture of her humble abode. What a great house warming gift this would make! - Jen]

Our House Made of Paper

Jessica shares her inspiration and logic behind this project: "Although bloggers open their homes and are proud to display many photos of the inside of their houses, one part of the house we don't often see is the outside. Some say it's for security, and I agree, privacy is a good thing, so I've come up with another way to show you what my house actually looks like."

Our House Made of Paper


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