Our Long Road: 5 Years, 6 Miscarriages

Our Long Road: 5 Years, 6 Miscarriages

Editor’s Note: I teared up when I read this story by Mo, who’d endured seven rounds of IVF and six miscarriages before she successfully carried to term, and the encouraging early words from a doctor that seemed to mock her along the way. Talk about determination! I hope it inspires other parents-to-be to remain optimistic about their prospects, in spite of the setbacks and challenges they encounter. –- Judy

By the fourth, fifth, and sixth miscarriages, I had become increasingly bitter about the email. What kind of freaking fabulous prognosis was this?! Seriously? This was fabulous? Because our reality seemed dismal and our future prospects increasingly hopeless to me. It felt like false hope had been offered. The words now felt extra cruel because I had fiercely wanted to believe them for so long, although I knew the email had been written with the best of intentions.

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