What to Do? Layoffs Looming And Baby On The Way

What to Do? Layoffs Looming And Baby On The Way

[Editor's Note: The threat of layoffs always throws fear into the heart of workers. If you're a working parent with a pregnant wife (due any day) ready to go out on leave the panic ratches up a few notches. Here's some advice on what to do from Ask a Manager...- Paula G]

A reader writes:

I feel like there is a 50/50 chance I’m going to be laid off in the next few months. My best guess is that such a round of layoffs might happen at the beginning of our next fiscal year, which starts in April.

I’m the sole breadwinner. My wife is pregnant and we’ll be expecting our second child in a few weeks. My state has generous paternity/family leave laws and I plan on taking advantage of it while I can (shooting for 4 weeks). I would not be eligible for this leave with a new employer until I’ve worked for them for a year.

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Pregnant and Layoffs

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