I Don't Know How to Play with My Toddler

I Don't Know How to Play with My Toddler

[Editor's Note: "Mommy, do you want to play ninjas?" No. "How about super heroes?" Again? Can't we... not? Do you ever feel that way? Story Girl at Sometimes It's Hard shares her misgivings about play and what she thought it would be like to have and play with a child. Do you struggle with these concepts? -Jenna]

It's Not Her, It's Me:

I can do it by myself!Sometimes I feel guilty for not entertaining BG more, for not providing more meaningful educational experiences, for not encouraging her sensory and motor development (say what?), for letting her veg out in front of the TV. Sometimes I see things that other people are doing and I wonder if I am doing her a disservice, wonder if somehow I am letting her down.

But mostly? I'm bored.

I'm understimulated. I'm frustrated. I'm disappointed. Two years in, and I still sometimes feel like I was sold a false promise of what being a mom was supposed to be.

Sometimes we play. Sometimes we have lovely tea parties. We do puzzles and I grit my teeth while she dumps the puzzle out after being 70% done. (Why does this drive me crazy? I have no idea.) Once in a while I let her finger paint, and then 5 minutes later I spend 20 minutes cleaning up.


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