From Pen to Table: How to Roast a Whole Pig

From Pen to Table: How to Roast a Whole Pig

[Editor's Note: Many omnivores enjoy a taste (or three) of pork now and again, but most of the time, we approach our piggy meals in pieces: a chop here, a rib there, perhaps a rasher of bacon. Rarely do we have the experience of seeing—or eating—a whole pig, roasted. This informative post walks the reader through all the steps—from live pig to dinner—that go into truly meeting the meat we eat. --Genie]

How to Roast a Whole Pig

This post might make you uncomfortable. But this is the way it should go. And after this whole experience I realize how important it is to know where you are getting your meat and how it is processed.

Whole Pig

Image Credit: Ms. Glaze's Pommes d'Amour, used by permission.

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