For Every Parent Who Thought Their Child Ruined a Church Service

For Every Parent Who Thought Their Child Ruined a Church Service

Editor's Note: Have you ever felt like "that family" in church? You know: Your newborn is not just fussing but wailing while your preschooler is yelling, "IS CHURCH OVER YET?!" Yeah. Me too. But don't worry. I want you to keep this post by Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas in your thoughts the next time they stage-whisper about the lady's hair in front of you. Your kids are a symbol of God's grace. Read on. -Jenna

How My Kids Didn't Ruin Mass:

It’s the moments when I think my kids are the ultimate distraction that my parish family shows me that they are gifts of God’s grace. When the baby is fussy and the toddler is grumpy and loud and I think that surely the homily is going to be a desperate plea for our family to high tail it out of the church so everyone else can enjoy Mass in peace, the priest says, “Look around you. Look at all the babies and children in Mass today. As I’ve been hearing the sounds of infants and children this morning, it reminds me of the amazing gift of new life. What a blessing. I am so glad they are all here.” Gift? Blessing? My kids could have passed themselves off as small dragons this morning, and you heard their whispers and shrieks as echoes of God’s grace?

Credit: emeryjl.

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