Healthier, More Spreadable Butter

Healthier, More Spreadable Butter

[Editor's Note: I get inordinately bugged when I open an unfamiliar refrigerator and see processed margarine or butter-flavored spread. That stuff is loaded with ingredients that can't possibly be good for us. But I also understand that some people don't want to eat unadulterated butter, and others just can't stand waiting for it to get soft when they take it out of the refrigerator. This technique solves those problems by keeping it softer and by folding in some healthy fat along the way. --Genie]

Making Butter Spreadable… and Healthier

I use real butter. Most of the ” healthy spreads” are full of hydrogenated oils, so I feel safer using butter. Plus, butter tastes good; I use it, a lot, and I hate it when the butter is hard, and it rips your bread when you try to spread it around. Here’s how to cut some of the fat, without spoiling butter’s perfect taste.


Image Credit: Susiej, used by permission.

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