Spicy Hazelnut & Cocoa Truffles

Spicy Hazelnut & Cocoa Truffles

[Editor's Note: This recipe calls for dried Espelette peppers, an item that is probably most easily found in Europe, but that can be ordered online if you're not able to find it in a local store. You can also substitute regular paprika, though I also think either smoked paprika or even crushed red pepper would work almost as well, though they'd change the spice and flavor profile of these truffles a bit. Regardless of what direction you go, they'd be a lovely addition to a holiday dessert table. --Genie]

Hazelnut & Cocoa Truffles with Piment d'Espelette

The taste is just a tad hotter than paprika so if you cannot find piment d'Espelette, try replacing with mild paprika. I use paprika frequently but when I tried piment d'Espelette, I got hooked. Paprika is milder and tastier but piment d'Espelette has the spiciness that I am looking for in cooking.

Hazelnut Truffles

Image Credit: Apron and Sneakers, used by permission.

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