Have You Ever Given Money to Panhandlers?

Have You Ever Given Money to Panhandlers?

[Editor's Note: My family is often horrified because I give all kinds of weird things to panhandlers. I once gave a guy on the side of the road in 110 degree heat my half-eaten ice cream cone. My husband almost died. But the guy wolfed it down. Find me Frugal(er) asks if you've ever given to panhandlers. Have you? -Rita]

Do You Give to Panhandlers?

Certainly I've encountered panhandlers in other situation as well and I don't think I've ever given them anything. There are tons of professional beggars all over the major cities in Europe, and if they pick you out as a tourist, they're actually rather rude if you don't give them anything. I almost gave leftovers from a restaurant to a man in Washington DC, but I was worried that that would seem condescending.

panhandler sign

Credit Image: misserion on Flickr

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