Tough and Tender: Can a Girl Be Both?

Tough and Tender: Can a Girl Be Both?

A woman - both tough and tender (hilarious too) - ponders the meaning of 'girl things' and 'boy things' when her young daughter comes to her with a conflicting problem: Pink is her favorite color and she loves ponies but doesn't want anyone thinking she's a 'girlie-girl'. What exactly does that mean these days?:

I'm so excited. I've never had an MRI. And what if I have to have surgery? Another scar to show off! Cool! Yes, I'm that person.

I'm the person who sees snow falling and I might pretend to be annoyed, because that's apparently what you're supposed to feel when it snows. Inside, though, I can't wait for the adventure of driving in it. There might even be an accident! I might end up stranded in the wilderness and have to hike through the mountains and eat my companions to survive!

I'm the person who gets a scrape or a cut and the only reason I go looking for a bandage is so I can walk by my husband and kids and say "LOOK! I'M BLEEDING!" If the cut isn't bleeding enough I'll probably squeeze it a little to see if I can get more out of it...

I'm not alone in this. So many women I know are just like me, strong and soft. Tough and tender. My daughter is one of them.


Image: hoyasmeg via Flickr


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