Exploring Germany's Food and History

Exploring Germany's Food and History

I can confirm that Germany is full of surprises. Backpacking around Europe in my youth, I had planned to stay for a few days, which quickly turned into a few weeks. This delightful post confirms the random (and sometimes bizarre) food, history and architecture of a complex nation. Passing through Moritzburg and Dresden, the blogger and her travel buddies find one captivating gem after another, such as their visit of Schloss Moritzburg:

The super-duper short history of the palace is that it started off as a hunting lodge in the mid-1500s and continued to be a favorite hunting spot for hundreds of years, as evidenced by its most striking feature......Its collection of red deer antlers, described as the largest collection of red deer antlers in the world, although I can't find an exact number (how large is the world's second-largest collection of red deer antlers?).


Image: DPA via The Girl Who Ate Everything.


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