Linebacker Manti Te'o Says He Is "Far From Gay"

Linebacker Manti Te'o Says He Is "Far From Gay"

(Just when you thought the Manti Te'o story couldn't get any more bizarre, the man accused of hoaxing him tells Dr. Phil that he fell “deeply romantically in love” with the Notre Dame linebacker and  was “confused” about his sexuality. Last week, Te'o appeared on the Katie Couric show and proclaimed that he is "far from gay."   Abby, from What's Left Over, reacts to Te'o's interview in this thoughtful post.  What will be the next twist in this curious tale?  ~js).

If you need your relationship to your sexuality expressed in a measurable distance, Manti Te'o is the cartographer for you. Prior to Thursday, I had never really considered the need to plot my preferences on a map. But now I'm worried I'm behind the times. Is there a new, more highly-evolved gay-dar out there that identifies not only who is straight and who is gay, but also registers how straight or how gay someone is, and expresses that measurement in miles, minutes . . .

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