Downton Abbey Returns To The US For Season Three: Keep This Flowchart Handy

Downton Abbey Returns To The US For Season Three: Keep This Flowchart Handy

[Editor's Note: Barely 24 hours remain before season three of Masterpiece's Downton Abbey returns to the US and I for one am cramming in an effort to finish season two and be ready to get swept up in the wave of everyone's favorite cultural phenomenon. Hopefully you didn't procrastinate as badly as me, but if you need a little refresher, Rachel from Grasping For Objectivity has got you covered, helpful flowchart and all. --Morgan]


The show is a period drama set in the early 1900’s that portrays the life of an aristocratic family and all of their servants.  And by the fact that it shows both realities of the goings on in a castle, it is astoundingly fascinating.

Downton constantly leaves us wondering about important issues, such as…

Why don’t I have a Lady’s Maid?  How have I lived this long without someone to dress and undress me on a daily basis?

And if it’s so shameful to have a maid serving in the dining room, then serving my kid’s dinner off of paper towels certainly must be worthy of hanging.

And wow, a Valet would come in so handy in my daily life!

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