Why You Should Never, Ever Touch the Belly

Why You Should Never, Ever Touch the Belly

Editor's Note: There are things you should never ask a woman. One of them: "When is the baby due?" Unless the baby is falling out, let her tell you about her pregnancy first. There are also things you shouldn't do. One of them: Touch her belly while asking said question. Natasha at Houseful of Nicholes recently experienced it and wrote a post explaining why it was so hurtful. Read it and spread the word: Don't touch the belly! -Jenna

Don't Touch the Belly:

Here I am this past Sunday (see below). I have a pouch. There’s no baby in there, just fat. I’m very, very sensitive about it, so imagine my surprise when one of the members of my church came up to me (while we were in front of SEVERAL people after dismissal) and RUBBED MY BELLY while ASKING IF I WAS PREGNANT AGAIN.

If I had less melanin in my skin, I would have turned beet red. Instead, I got hot. I got embarrassed, I got mad.

The Belly

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