Does Blogging Change Your Relationship?

Does Blogging Change Your Relationship?

[Editor's Note: Carriage Before Marriage has an uneasy post about observing the divorces of bloggers online and wondering what impact writing about your significant other has on your relationship.  It's a very interesting question for the sharing age; where we air our arguments in real time as well as throw up pictures of sweet moments that would have -- at one time -- remained within the secret knowledge of the couple. --Mel]

Could be pure coincidence.  If half of all marriages end in divorce, some of those marriages are bound to belong to bloggers.  (And there are so goddamned many bloggers.)   But I can’t help wondering if there’s a connection – like, if inviting a few thousand strangers into one’s relationship has consequences.  Is complaining bad karma?  Does bragging tempt fate?

Do you think blogging has affected your relationships?  In a good way?  In a bad way?

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