Do You Have the Ingredients for Motherhood?

Do You Have the Ingredients for Motherhood?

Today is a good day to talk about ingredients, no? Unless you ate too much turkey already and can't possibly think about food, even as an analogy. All the same, Tackling Mommyhood recently wrote a great post about the key ingredients of motherhood. Do you have them in stock in your life?

So what does she say?:

Love, amor, aimer, amorePersonally, if my kids are happy, then I consider that success. Afterall, at the end of the day, we want our kids to be happy, right? I think the end goal of mommyhood is to produce happy, healthy, productive citizens of society. In my opinon, there are 3 key things we must give our children in order to attain this.

This is a total no-brainer. We all love our children. But do we show it enough? Just like adults, kids need to hear how much we love them, how special they are, how they’re doing things right. They also need hugs, kisses, cuddle time, affection. Don’t just tell yourself or others that you love your kid – make sure you show your kids through words and actions.


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Read more from 3 Key Ingredients to Successful Mommyhood at Tackling Mommyhood

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