Debt Doesn't Stop You From Earning More

Debt Doesn't Stop You From Earning More

I am a restricter by nature. When I get nervous, I circle the wagons -- whether it's food, energy or money. So when I get nervous about finances, my first instinct is to focus all my energy on saving money.

I approached my family's latest financial trough a little differently. I tried to get extra writing assignments and sponsored reviews, and the additional income helped save the recent holidays. Sure, I still focused a LOT of time and energy on coupon-cutting, deal shopping and budget reviewing, but saving alone doesn't cut it when the bills are bigger than the cashflow. Lindsey has massive college debt, but she recently had an aha moment when she realized that debt wasn't stopping her from getting a better job.

She writes:

A friend recently asked me what my monthly payments were and her reaction was, "Wow!" And I jumped on that reaction to explain how that is exactly how I feel and how I continue to feel like I can never get above water because of that debt. Her response, "Yes, but the debt isn't what keeps you from earning more prosperously." Light bulb. It certainly is not what keeps me from earning more and staying in jobs that are beneath my skill level. What started my initial "Oh my God, take any job offered you to pay off these loans!!!" was fear and what keeps me from growing is a lack of clarity, a vagueness, a beaten down spirit and again, fear.


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