Dealing With Post-Holiday Plastic

Dealing With Post-Holiday Plastic

One might call it a Greenie Hangover - what to do with all the plastic bits leftover from the holidays? Enter our plastic-free guidance counselor, Beth Terry, with helpful tips and links:

"1) Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and air pillows. If you’re not going to reuse them yourself, you can donate these back to a local mailing store like Mailboxes, Etc. Visit the website of the Loose Fill Council to find a drop-off location for packing peanuts. Whatever you do, do not put these kinds of packaging in your recycle bin. They will not get recycled, but will cause problems for sorting equipment. Or, if you’re really feeling motivated, summon your inner activist and mail packaging back to companies, along with a note asking them to switch to a more sustainable material."




Image credit: ThrasherDave via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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