Daydreamer Struggles: Living in the Moment

Daydreamer Struggles: Living in the Moment

Technically, this foodie post is entitled 'Chewy Vanilla Bean Cinnammon Bars' and includes delectable photos with a matching recipe. However, the content is all about the struggles of a daydreamer to appreciate the Now:

"In many ways, a part of me has always been a dreamer. When I was younger, I could never decide what I would be when I grew up. I could imagine the details of a life where I was an author, a zookeeper, a doctor, or an astronomer. I wanted to play a part in all of these lives. I never wanted to settle down, to make a real decision about life, because it felt like there was such a finality about doing so. I wanted to leave more doors open than I would ever hope to shut."




Image credit: Zero Creatives/Cultura via ZUMA Press.

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