How Daily Blogging Changes the Writer

How Daily Blogging Changes the Writer

Editor's Note: Writing a blog changes you. Not on the first day, and not on the second, but once you find your rhythm and realize that you're in your space for the long-haul, it makes you a different sort of person, for better or worse. Apt. 11D had a reflective post recently on how blogging has changed her over the last ten years. --Mel

Does blogging make us better writers? In some ways, yes. I can shoot out 500 words in less than fifteen minutes. My sentences are definitely better than they were even two years ago. I am better at picking topics that interest people. If you know that readers are showing up and looking for new content, you get stuff done. You finish things off and accept that imperfection is better than nothing.

On the other hand, blogging makes it difficult to write other things. A person only has so many words in them in one day. If you use up that quota on a blog, it is difficult to do other writing projects.

How has blogging changed you?


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