Considering a Cruise with Kids? Here's How Ours Went!

Considering a Cruise with Kids? Here's How Ours Went!

Editor's Note: Have you ever considered taking a family cruise and thought, "My kids? On a cruise ship? No thank you." Well, I encourage you to read Tiffany's post at The Harris Life. She detailed their cruise experience with their two little ones and, really, it almost makes me want to take a cruise trip with the boys. Almost. -Jenna

The Cruise:

Honestly, it went surprisingly well. The kids were like little angels. It was as if little angel babies came in and took over my children for a week.

They ate great.


They played great.

They were sweet to each other.

They were sweet to every single person on the cruise. EVEN ME!

Cruise with Kids
Credit: flickrized.

Read more from the cruise at The Harris Life

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