It's Time to Stop Dressing Like a New Mom!

It's Time to Stop Dressing Like a New Mom!

Editor's Note: Can I make a confession? I still have one dress that is technically a maternity dress. I still occasionally wear it. My youngest child is five. Oops? Michelle at Ten June is tossing out her New Mom wardrobe and vowing to dress better this year. I think I might have to join her. -Jenna

Confessions from a New Mom's Closet:

Goal number one? Stop dressing like a new mom. For realz.

I am telling myself that it is no longer appropriate to wear clothing in public that could double as pajamas. If I want to wear it to bed, it doesn't need to be seen outside of the house. And my maternity clothes? Um, four months post-partum... it's time to stop wearing those. And that includes the size-too-big granny panties I bought to accommodate my pregnant rear. I am not allowed to wear those anymore. Yeah, I just talked about my underwear in front of thousands of people. That happened.

New Mom Closet
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