Energy-Boosting Chocolate Walnut and Maca Bites

Energy-Boosting Chocolate Walnut and Maca Bites

[Editor's Note: As the nights get longer in the Northern Hemisphere, some of us might find energy to be in shorter and shorter supply. These energy bites, which are completely raw and vegan, are packed with nutrients guaranteed to boost your energy while keeping your nutrition in balance. They're perfect for powering through the season ahead. --Genie]

Chocolate Walnut and Maca Energy Bites

Raw snack bites, made of dates, nuts, and seeds that I’ve ground together in a food processor, often along with spices or superfood ingredients, are a standard part of my weekly student food rotation. They’re easy to make, portable, tasty, fun to flavor, and they save me money on the raw snack bars and energy bites that are so seductive in health food stores. I’m really trying to purchase less snack fare lately, and DIY more often; it’s one thing to buy produce and healthful, quality ingredients, but quite another to spend money on things I know I could make (more often to my liking) at home.

Energy Bites

Image Credit: Choosing Raw, used by permission.

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